Academy Ballet Program

The opportunity to be the ballerina you have always wanted to be!

This program is designed to build ballet skills for our Intermediate (Level II/III) and Advanced (Level IV+) dancers to progress toward dancing at the academy level as well as progressing toward dancing en pointe!

About Our Program

What is the Destination Dance Academy Ballet Program?

It's a great ballet program and create a road toward advanced level ballet including performing en pointe! Academy students are offered an intensive ballet schedule that allows them to build technique, stamina, and muscle memory for all ballet-related classes and beyond!

What about classes at the Pre-Academy Level? 

Pre-ballet and Tiny Tot ballet classes are designed to get tiny dancers excited about dance, prepared for class structure, and introduce very basic ballet skills and terminology. In the next few levels, classes focus on learning proper body placement and alignment.

Before advancing to our Academy Program (starting with Intermediate, LEVEL II), dancers will be observed by their instructor to be familiar with beginning ballet terminology & barre exercises, have a good foundation of technique and exercise the beginnings of proper alignment and ballet etiquette as well as the ability to stay focused and engaged in class.

How do I know if my child is ready to progress?

Ask your instructor. Our instructors are happy to evaluate your student and inform you of any additional classes or skills work that will help your child progress. (New Students can undergo a free consultation/evaluation to find the best possible level for their dancer). Additionally, evaluations are performed annually in January to inform dancers of skills that need developed to progress. All progressing students are required to take both the current class and the class they are progressing into for a minimum of six months to a year in order to create a proper transition. 

What classes are available at the ACADEMY LEVEL?

ONCE A DANCER HAS PROGRESSED PAST LEVEL I, our Academy Level II/III Intermediate Ballet class is a progression to advance both ballet skills and technique. This class both builds on the knowledge of skills and terminology from Level I (beginner) and also builds new skills, technique, and terminology. At the Intermediate level, dancers are also able to take the Academy Level Technique class to further progress skills and begin a track toward dancing en pointe in the future. 

Before advancing to level IV/V Advanced Ballet class, students must exercise knowledge of Ballet I-III terminology & barre exercises, mastery of barre stretch, ballet facings/directions and big jumps. Students must also exercise refined alignment, ballet etiquette, and stay engaged in class and fully focused with good attendance. As a precaution for the safety of our dancers developing feet, we enforce that dancers be 12+ years of age  before dancing en pointe.

ONCE A DANCER HAS PROGRESSED PAST LEVEL II/III, our Academy Level IV+ Advanced Ballet class is a progression to advance to the peak of ballet training! At this level, dancers are expected to take 3-4 hours of ballet per week with good attendance. In order to be part of this program, all skills from Levels II and III must be mastered. Technique and proper alignment must be present as well as leg height 90 degrees or above, proper turnout, strong ankles and feet for pre-pointe and pointe work. This class is designed to prepare students for dancing en pointe as well as to instruct dancers currently performing en pointe. (Note: Dancers that do not wish to dance en pointe can still be part of this program if they have progressed to the level IV+ requirements). Dancers at this level are strongly encouraged to take the additional technique class in order to build and maintain proper muscle tone and flexibility required to perform the skills demonstrated in Level IV+.  Dancers that perform en pointe may take no less than three hours of ballet per week with good attendance.   (Dancers with poor attendance will need to dance in soft shoes for a minimum of three months to rebuild muscles and flexibility necessary to dance en pointe).