How Do I Determine Which Class is Right for Me/My Child?

Great question!

Start by checking out our complete class schedule here. Our classes are categorized by age/skill level.  If your child is right on the border of an age group or you're unsure about skill level, talk to one of our fantastic staff members and we can direct you to your best options!  We're happy to help!

Are there scholarships and discounts available?

Unfortunately, we do not offer scholarships at this time.  We are hoping this is a possibility in the future.

In terms of discounts, we offer a sibling discount for multiple members of the same family (in the same household) that are taking dance classes.  Click here to view our rate schedule.

I see classes that I like but they don't fit my age group or skill level.  

This is something that we stand above the rest on.  If you don't see something that quite fits, give us a call.  We will do our best to get something started in the future to accommodate your needs.  We are always adding classes and offering new options!

Where are you located.

Our studio is located by the intersection of 20th and Youngfield.  We are conveniently located near several restaurants, Maple Grove Reservoir, Colorado Mills/Denver West, and much more!

Do you have a Company?

Yes! Our Company is made up of our Academy ballet dancers and Competition Team. Not only does this allow you to choose your path to achieve your goals but also to participate in the styles that fit you best!

Why is it important to wear dance attire at classes?

  1. Teachers can see your lines to see if you are performing a step correctly.
  2. Proper dance attire limits distractions from loose clothing or clothing that rides/flips up.
  3. Proper dance attire prepares you better for costumes at recital time. If you are accustomed to a leotard, it is less awkward and uncomfortable at a show.


Ballet: Leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes (ballet skirt or form fitting dance shorts may be worn over tights), hair in a tight bun

Jazz/Musical Theatre: Dance/yoga pants or shorts (no jean shorts), leotard or fitted dance tank top & black jazz shoes, hair up

Tumbling: Dance/yoga pants or shorts (no jean shorts), leotard or fitted dance tank top (no midriff) & hair up. Jazz shoes are optional but bare feet in intermediate/advanced tumbling are preferred.

Lyrical/Contemporary: Dance/yoga pants or shorts (no jean shorts), leotard or fitted dance tank top, bare feet or foot undies/lyrical shoes, hair up

Tap/Clog: Dance/yoga pants or shorts with tights, leotard or fitted dance tank top, black tap shoes, hair up

Hip Hop: Comfortable clothes (no midriff), studio only sneakers, hair up

Fitness: Dance/yoga pants or shorts, dance top, studio only aerobic/tennis shoe, hair up

*Sports bras may be worn under dance attire but are not an acceptable top (unaccompanied) for dance class.

For all classes: Please have hair tied up out of the face for class (short hair can be sides only, etc). This is not only a safety measure for you as you're turning, etc but is also a protection from distraction during class).

**For students trying out a new class, wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely 

Have another question you don't see listed?

Give us a call, send us an email or just drop by and let us know.